Top 25 Things Teachers Need to Accomplish this Summer

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So you’re probably thinking to yourself that you don’t want to have to get 25 things done this summer, but you’re a teacher – you know summers are for catch-up! 
Just remember that a good teacher knows life is best when balanced, so work, play, and enjoy!

#25 Drink an umbrella drink!  Nothing makes it feel like summer to a teacher more than an umbrella drink on a patio in the sun for lunch on a weekday!
#24 Schedule those nasty dental and doctor appointments so they are out of the way and not taking you out of the classroom.
#23 Spend a little time on Pinterest.  Pin some new curricular ideas to your boards so when you’re too tired to think in September, there will be no thinking involved.
#22 Make the bulletin boards now!  The last thing you want to be doing the day school starts is making a bulletin board.
#21 Start scouting out cheap supplies.  Think garage sales, dollar stores, and back-to-school sales.
#20 Join teacher clubs to get the best deals – Loft, Joann Fabrics, and Michael’s have discounts just for showing your work badge.
#19 Take classes.  Get those continuing education classes out of the way or take a class on outdoor yoga at your local Y.  Remember what it’s like to be the student.
#18 Make plans with friends. The school year is packed, and this is your chance to see the ones you love.
#17 Make changes to insurance.  There’s never a good time, but getting enough insurance or changing your insurance occasionally can save you some serious teacher dough. 
#16 Read.  As teachers, we know the best thing any student can do is read. We are no different – read books, magazines, or teacher blogs in the sun!
#15 Freshen up your classroom with new seating, rugs, or shelving!  I always think students are more excited when their classroom is bright and shiny.
#14 Binge-watch. The Crown, Call the Midwives, Sherlock (I am on a British TV kick), whatever gives you a smile, should be on your screen.  September will be here before you know it.
#13 Set up your calendar.  Label those in-services and days off right now!  One less thing to do when school starts.
#12 Get organized.  An organized house and an organized classroom make for less chaos and less stress.  There are great organizers out there for everything!  Books, Legos, Crayons, etc.
#11 Write your Congressmen.  If you feel frustration with the educational system, take a few minutes to send an email.  Feel good that you’ve voiced your opinion and exercised your civic rights.
#10 Order that new water bottle to force yourself to keep hydrating on a long day with kids! Personally, I am obsessed with my Hydro Flask. It keeps your drink cold for 24 hours! I love to have water, juice or whatever I am drinking at the moment (no one will know if you decide to fill it up with Diet Coke) in there to carry around as I take my kids to the park, pool and other summer adventures. Plus, how cute is this color?   

#9 Get some fresh air.  It’s hard to find time for those fun outings during the school year.  Do some gardening, check out your local park with your pets, or take a long walk.  It’s good for your mind.
#8 Make it Christmas in July.  Whether you make your Christmas gifts or order online, I like to get that knocked out over the summer so December is a little less crazy.  Whether it’s family members or students, put name tags on in December, and you’re done!
#7 Rest.  The school year gets hectic.  This is your chance to refuel and regroup.  Take those afternoon naps.  They will feel good!
#6 Find some good shoes.  Teaching is a never-sit-down job.  The right shoes can make all the difference, and who doesn’t want ones that look sweet, too? Toms are my ABSOLUTE favorite. They are both comfortable and cute. Plus, this style doesn't wear out too fast. 
#5 Pick out that first-day-of-school outfit!  Starting off the school-year in a well-chosen outfit feels a lot better than showing up as a hot mess on a hot day when the A/C probably won’t work! Lol.
#4 Get some escape games ready for your students. Escape rooms have become a popular way to get kids up and moving, while also working as a team. These games also offer a focus on different teaching standards. Students won't even realize they are learning!

#3 Check out Teachers PayTeachers.  Whether you’re looking to buy, or not, get inspired on the topics you find most difficult to teach!
#2 See your family.  There are moments during the school year that you feel like you see more students than family.  Love on the ones you truly want to be with when you have a little freedom.
#1 Take a vacation, even if it’s a staycation!  You need to be fresh and happy when school resumes!
A happier teacher makes a happier classroom.  These 25 things are sure to start your school-year off right!

While teachers should get some planning in over the summer, they should also make sure to take some time to relax!

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