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I have some exciting news! Hold on to your hats, because this is going to blow you away. I've teamed up with Kirsten from Kirsten's Kaboodle, and Kelsey from Wife Teacher Mommy, to bring your the BIGGEST, the GRANDEST, and dare I say, most PHENOMENAL teacher giveaway I've ever come across. Since this giveaway is so spectacular, we have decided to call it the GREATful Teacher Giveaway. Sure, it might sound silly, but it really is fantastic! Also, we like November, we like thinking about things we are grateful for, and we like to give away teacher supplies to other fabulous teachers. Read below for all the juicy details!

The GREATful Teacher Giveaway Grand Prize 
The grand prize consists of teaching supplies and teaching resources that all together value a whooping $331.73! (as of Nov. 1, 2016- prices on Amazon do slightly change on occasion). These items are supplies that will definitely come in handy for any elementary school teacher! Check out everything included in this large giveaway bundle.

Scotch Thermal Laminator: $29.99
Thermal Laminating Pouches: $39.95
Smead Cascading Wall Organizer: $14.38
Blue Sand Hourglass Timer: $14.99
6 Pack Sand Timers: $9.99
Snap n Store Letter Sized File: $15.00
Smead Hanging File Folder with Tabs: $10.48
Papermate Tropical Colored Flair Pens: $9.99
Avery 100 Pack Sheet Protectors (not pictured): $8.99
Beautiful Oops (Book): $11.99
Fantastic Elastic Brain (Book): $14.67    
The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes (book): $11.95
Mindsets in the Classroom (Book): $12.96
Avery Heavy Duty Binder: $3.65

Total  Teacher Supply Value (as of 11/1/16): $210.93

Sub Plans

The worst part of calling in sick as a teacher is writing sub plans! Don't fret- you can be prepared with my Ready to Go Sub Plans. Each set includes a full day of plans plus 24 pages of editable forms for your sub binder. The Grand Prize winner will receive a full WEEK of my Ready To Go Sub Plans for their grade of choice (Kindergarten through 6th grades are available!) You can also use the binder to organize your forms in a sub binder and the adorable file folder box and file folders to organize your full week of sub plans!

Ready To Go Sub Plan Products Included:
  • You will get all 5days Ready to Go Sub Plans for your grade of choice. 
  • Ready To Go Sub Plans Day #1 (Grade of Your Choice)
  • Ready To Go Sub Plans Day #2 (Grade of Your Choice)
  • Ready To Go Sub Plans Day #3 (Grade of Your Choice)
  • Ready To Go Sub Plans Day #4 (Grade of Your Choice)
  • Ready To Go Sub Plans Day #5 (Grade of Your Choice)
  • (See your choices here!)
  • Total Value: $42.50
Literacy Centers

Literacy centers are a perfect way to differentiate your instruction because you can do interventions with some groups of students while doing enrichment activities with others. The winner of this giveaway will win four of Teresa Kwant's Monthly ELA Centers. Each set includes everything that you need for a full month of literacy centers! You can use the hourglass and timers during your centers and use the cascading wall organizer to keep everything you need for your centers in place. 

Literacy Center Products Included:
Growth Mindset

Growth mindset has been buzzing like a swarm of bees through the education field in the last couple of years. Students with a growth mindset believe that, despite obstacles and challenges, a person can develop abilities and achieve goals through motivation, hard work, and practice. These resources will help your students to do just that! Several books to use with the Literacy Units are included in the giveaway, and the laminator and laminating sheets will be perfect to use for the bright colored posters and more!

Growth Mindset Products Included: 
Total Grand Prize Value: $331.73!
How To Enter in Three EASY Steps!
1.     Scroll down to the Gleam giveaway widget below
2.     Collect your 3 mandatory entries for subscribing to each of our blog email lists (you must subscribe to all 3 in order to be entered into the giveaway). You will even get a freebie from each of us sent to your inbox when you subscribe! Just because we love you! ;) 
3.     SHARE, SHARE, SHARE for TEN bonus entries for EVERY friend you refer who enters the giveaway using your unique referral link.
The last step is optional- but gives you a much better chance of winning the giveaway! You get 3 entries just for entering (plus your bonus freebie from each of us!). After you complete all 3 entries, a unique referral link will generate at the bottom. For every friend who enters using your unique referral link, you will get 10 additional entries.

Enter the giveaway? You have 3 entries. Refer a friend? You have 13 entries. Two friends? 23 entries. 5 friends? 53 entires!!  Are you catching my drift?

What are you waiting for? Start by entering in the widget below, then share your unique referral link with ALL of your teacher friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, text, etc so you can get as many entries as possible!

This really is a GREAT giveaway. You'll have lots to be GREATful for if you win :) Don't wait much longer, go enter now!

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