Simple Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week is almost here. While you may be THE teacher, you probably have teachers in your life, either coworkers, or your child's teacher, that you want to show appreciation for. Here are several easy gifts you can put together in minutes. I also included the gift tags for free at the end of this post. Hooray!

The good news is I got ALL of these gifts at Target--in the dollar spot. Yes, they are each only one dollar! You can't get much better than that. 

#1. Grab a set of colorful pens and attach this, "Thanks for being de 'pen' dable," tag. Teachers love pens. I am obsessed!

#2. At the Target dollar spot I found tons of adorable list pads. I love making lists, and can bet the teacher in your life does too. Find this cute tag in multiple colors at the bottom of this post. 

#3. I didn't think you could make paperclips cuter than just being multi-colored. I was wrong. Put them in a clear container, add this tag, and it is cuteness overload.

#4. Next to pens, my other favorite office supply is sticky notes. Two fancy note pads, for only a buck? I am hooked. BUY. ALL. THE. STICKY. NOTES. Another idea would be to attach this tag to a journal or notebook.

#5. Another tag for sticky notes...

#6. The last $1 item I found at Target was this weekly list notepad, that doubles as a mouse pad. I love all these Target dollar finds because they are useful things a teacher can use in their classroom.

#7. If you can't decide which gift to give the teacher in your life, how about all of them? The tin bucket was also found at Target, but was $3. Being indecisive can have its perks, like spending under $10 for a teacher gift! Good luck and happy shopping!

Free Tags Here:


  1. Adorable tags! Unfortunately, I'm unable to find an active link to download the tags. Please assist me with this matter.

    Many thanks,

    1. Sorry about that! I just added a link, right above the tags. You can also right click the pictures, and save them to your computer :). Enjoy!

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